Instructor Onramp Module 1 Header

WELCOME to Module 1 of the EDA Instructor Onramp Course.

In the Module 1 document, you”l have learned some very foundational information – why EDA is different, why we value relaxation as a combat skill, and a little bit about how we view the learning and teaching process.

Your technique for the week is a fundamentally important handgun disarm – the Hook and Lock. This is a key movement within our system, and is applied in many different ways: different positions and contexts, and even against other weapons and empty hand situations in some cases.

We recommend that you have a notepad and pen handy, so that you can jot down pointers as you watch.

Study the video clip carefully, take note of all the small details, and practice diligently.


Here’s a little snippet on the importance of relaxation:

Enjoy your training!