Instructor Onramp Module 6 Header

WELCOME to Module 6 of the EDA Instructor Onramp Course.

In the Module 6 document, you’ll have learned about the teaching path, and how to impart skills and techniques in a practical and effective manner.

You’re also encouraged to revise the material you’ve covered in the previous 5 modules, and to allow that learning to settle into your way of thinking and teaching. The purpose of the Onramp Course is to lay a good foundation of understanding before you embark on the Krav Maga Level 1 Instructor Course – and this important, because the principles and perspectives you’ve learned so far underpin all the physical techniques you’ll learn in the course.

Your technique for the week is a very simple drill comprising of 3 elbow strikes – not as a strict technique in itself, but an easy starter drill for a beginner student who you might be teaching.

We recommend that you have a notepad and pen handy, so that you can jot down pointers as you watch.

Study the video clip carefully, take note of all the small details, and practice diligently.


Enjoy your training, and now get ready for the Krav Maga Level 1 Instructor Course!