Elite Defence Academy is South Africa’s largest self-defense training organization, with certified Krav Maga Instructors across the country, as well as in Namibia, Kenya, and independent affiliates in other countries.

Our unique approach has made Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga one of the world’s fastest-growing systems of self defense – and one of the most imitated, with good reason. 


What makes our system so different?

There are many self defense organisations and trainers out there, and finding the right one to suit your needs can be a minefield of uncertainty if you’re looking for smart, practical training that works.


To train with us, or simply see what we do, you don’t have to be in shape, be fit, have any experience, or be particularly vicious. You can start exactly as you are, because although we teach incredibly effective self defense, our training is conducted in a safe, responsible manner – and the learning process is a huge amount of fun.

Panel 3We understand that learning a new skill is best done at a pace that enables you to progress optimally, in the right headspace, with a high degree of realistic self-confidence.

We teach Krav Maga – the powerful, yet amazingly simple combat system that’s used in various forms by elite military units, law enforcement agencies – and thousands of men and women around the world.

It works – precisely because the principles underlying our approach to Krav Maga are so incredibly effective. Our system uses brain to beat brawn, and allows even a smaller defender (like a woman or child) to decisively stop a bigger, stronger attacker in his tracks. It teaches you how to defend against weapons like knives and guns, too, even if you’re empty-handed.


Panel 72It comes down to good, solid science. If you have even a basic knowledge of physiology (the weaknesses of the human body, how to exploit them, and how to amplify your own strengths), then you’re already halfway there.

Add in a few ‘secrets’ that teach you how to become stronger and faster, along with a selection of techniques that are remarkably intelligent, and you have a system that is seriously powerful and effective.

Our training is safe – and our unique system of Krav Maga is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. In fact, you can learn many of our techniques in under 60 seconds – although obviously some diligent practice is required to master them.

What we teach you, works. Over the past 15 years, in addition to civilian training in our regular club classes, workshops, and seminars, we’ve also trained law enforcement teams, military personnel, and some extremely high level security and close protection teams – and without exception, our system has proven itself to be one of the very best out there.


We understand that the most profound human changes happen in the mind first, so we incorporate things like mental exercises that will remove fear and paralysis in a crisis, and enable you to act instantly and powerfully. We also teach you techniques that will instantly and effortlessly double your everyday awareness.
There’s no arguing with the results – and many of our trainees tell us that their lives have been transformed.


Apart from learning awesome skills, you get other benefits as well. Many of our trainees have gotten leaner, stronger, and now enjoy a powerful self-confidence they didn’t even know they had. And there’s no unnecessary stress attached to the process.

Find out more about our Principles Of Krav Maga


Elite Defence Academy is an entirely independent South African-based Krav Maga training group. Although we have received training and ranking  from several highly ranked Israeli Krav Maga authorities in the past, as well as several other respected combatives and martial arts instructors worldwide, our emphasis is on what works in the relevant urban context right now. That means quite a bit:

• You get absolute peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting the very best professional training in the world – effective, safe, and no-nonsense. We’re not constricted by tradition or a misplaced sense of loyalty, and do not simply do things because some or other “grandmaster” did them seventy years ago (or is necessarily doing them today in Israel or any other part of the world). As crime and violence evolves, so do our techniques, in the most effective, realistic and practical ways possible.

• With years of of practical, on-the-ground Krav Maga experience and expertise, we have unique insight into the challenges and threats faced by ordinary men and women on a daily basis. These are very different to the challenges faced by people living in war zones – for example, you may be concerned about home invasions, muggings and carjackings as opposed to dealing with homemade rockets and suicide bombers blowing themselves up. So, we’re very careful about relying on one-dimensional “expert” advice from people who don’t embrace a balanced view and analysis of what actually happens on the ground in your particular context or country. We understand that limited thinking could very well cost people their lives.

• We embrace the true spirit of Krav Maga – a spirit of learning, refining, and evolving. The moment anyone falls into the trap of becoming singlemindedly dependent on a single “system”, or only one “right way” to apply practical self defense, they stagnate, and lose the capacity to learn and improve. That’s why we’ll never stop learning and growing!

• We adhere to strict standards of protocol, training standards, and professionalism. All of our instructors are highly skilled and constantly undergo advanced training themselves.

Ask these questions:

If you’re considering receiving training from anyone, first ask these questions:

  • Are they reputable? We are. With fifteen years of success behind us, we’ve built a solid reputation for teaching one of the best “no-nonsense” systems of practical self defense – not just in South Africa with its incredibly violent society, but around the world.
  • Are they restricted by the dictates of a single person or organization who tells them what they may or may not teach? (Regardless of how unrealistic this may be!)
  • Do they claim to teach the only “authentic” brand / style / lineage of Krav Maga? We don’t make silly and unfounded claims, or market ourselves under false pretences.
  • Do they try to impress you with how “tough” or “macho” they are? This is generally an indicator of insecurity, or the inability to teach properly.
  • Do they teach you about the legal framework of what constitutes lawful self defence? Because if they have a ‘kill now, ask questions later’ philosophy, based on aggression and ignorance, prepare yourself for expensive attorneys and jail time somewhere down the line.
  • Are they family friendly? We are. We are also one the fastest growing, most talked about and most imitated Krav Maga training groups in the world.

Instructor 3Change your life. Today.

We’re passionate about Krav Maga and common sense self defense, but more so – we’re passionate about empowering you by giving you the tools to live life on your terms.

No matter what your age, fitness level, experience, or ability, you’ll find that our approach to personal self defense is unique and powerful – and you can use it right away.


If you can get to one of our clubs or training venues, we’d love to welcome you.

And if you can’t, we’ll be launching our new, interactive Online Training System shortly – where you’ll be able to get incredibly detailed, step-by-step Krav Maga training wherever you are.


Here are just a few of the things that we do differently:

  • We teach a form of Krav Maga that isn’t just based on brute force and strength. We acknowledge that not everybody is a battle-hardened soldier – which means that for a system to be realistic, it has to make intelligent use of leverage, biomechanics, and the redirection of force. We take this very seriously, and many of our ‘hardcore’ sceptics have been astounded at just how powerful our ‘relaxed’ style of fighting really is.


  • We teach a ‘weapons-first’ philosophy. We think it’s absurd to teach people that their first or only line of defense should be empty hands – so we place huge emphasis on teaching and drilling the use of a knife and other bladed weapons for personal protection, as well as cold weapons such as batons, other striking implements, ballistic weapons, and an array of improvised weapons too.


  • Our weapons division, EDA Weapons Academy, offers specialized training in the use of knife (we offer basic knife training as well as training in the Piper Knife System under a certified Piper instructor), the use of fixed and extendable batons (ASP method as well as our own system), instruction in the Doce Pares system of stickfighting, and basic handgun handling, safety, and fundamental range skills under an ITA-qualified firearms instructor and range officer. Other courses include the use of improvised weapons, and the transitions from empty hand to weapon training in the process of conflict escalation.


  • For those wishing to gain operational capacity, we also have a dedicated tactical firearm training division1834 Tactical – which teaches not only the basics of using a firearm and secondary weapons in a dynamic or stressful situation where you may be under fire, but also highly advanced tactical fire and movement, vehicle defense, home defense, third party close protection, and a whole lot more. This means that our Krav Maga trainees – if they wish – can get easy access to some of the world’s best tactical firearm training. Instructor Jacques Alberts, who heads up 1834 Tactical, is not only a vastly experienced law enforcement member, but also cross-trains with some of the world’s most highly skilled combat instructors and organizations, such as Pretorian Worldwide, which specializes in military tactical training. Jacques also heads up StratCon Risk, which provides close protection, asset-in-transit protection, and specialized discreet event protection.


  • As part of our system, we teach a comprehensive groundfighting combatives syllabus (with and without weapons), because we recognize how important this is in any hand to hand fight. Think you’re never going to the ground? Think again.


  • We’re not bound by the politics and manipulation that so many Krav Maga training organisations seem to be continually embroiled in. We are proudly independent, and despite having received training from many very reputable teachers, including those from well-respected Israel-based Krav Maga authorities and organizations in the past, we focus on the context relevant to what you actually need in your own situation. This enables us to experiment more freely, evolve faster, and offer practical, highly effective training that works in reality.


  • Our system has its foundation in the solid, sensible basics of Krav Maga as it’s taught around the world. However, we also incorporate deeper principles of movement and power generation, as well as incorporating combative principles that are seen in other arts such as Chinese Wing Chun, Russian Systema, the Filipino knife and empty hand arts, the Piper Knife System, and even the medieval fighting arts that that originated in Europe and Greece centuries ago – all of which offer astonishing insights into powerful, practical combat techniques that work incredibly well.


Ready to join us? Let’s do this.