Adrian Brown

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Adrian Brown offers onsite personal Krav Maga training in the greater Johannesburg area, East Rand, and Northern Suburbs, as well as Pretoria and other areas by special arrangement.


Adrian provides personal training at your home or venue of choice. Fees vary according to frequency of training.

Bloggers 1You are invited to contact Adrian for an introductory session, and all are welcome. The training provided is safe, professional, and suited to men and women of all ages, skill levels and fitness levels.

Training provided includes fundamental close quarter combat and self defense techniques, as well as weapon disarms, dealing with multiple attackers, awareness and avoidance training, and the use of cold weapons and weapons of opportunity for self defense.

To find out more, please contact Adrian via the details above.


Adrian 2Adrian is an experienced practitioner of Muay Thai, is a bodybuilding and fitness coach, and is also an experienced Krav Maga instructor.

He is also a student of the Piper Knife Combat System.

Adrian carries the rank of 1st level Black Belt within the Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga system.