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The training we present is designed to offer you exactly what you’re looking for.

Everything we teach is factual, accurate, and no-nonsense, and it’s 100% safe and professional.

It’s also suited to women and men of all ages and physical conditions – which means that you don’t have to have any experience, be “in shape”, or any other nonsense.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, careful, and deeply invested in what we teach, so our workshops are personable, interactive, and enormously empowering.

Participants have described our workshops as “life-changing”, and often experience an immensely positive increase in their confidence and their practical ability to ensure their safety – and the safety of their loved ones.


Carjacking in South Africa is an epidemic – but with the right knowledge and skill set, anybody can learn how to minimize the odds of becoming a victim, how to outsmart and avoid the bad guys, and how to act safely and calmly should you ever find yourself in a worst-case scenario.

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Our Anti-Hijack Workshops include:

  • How to train your brain to spot potential hijackers or risk situations.
  • Intelligent, effective evasion strategies and road travel tips.
  • How to escape safely from a potential hijacking setup.
  • How to reduce risk and stay calm in an actual hijacking crisis.
  • How to use body language and verbal redirection to reduce aggression or violence.
  • Ensuring the safety of passengers or children.
  • How to reduce your risk of being abducted.
  • Basic self defense techniques in a worst-case scenario.

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Everything we teach is proven, practical, and easy to learn. Questions are welcome, our workshops are highly interactive, and we’ll be glad to address individual queries or requests.

Our Anti-Hijack Workshops do more than just provide participants with theoretical information – we do practical role-plays, address potential concerns, and tailor what we teach to the unique lifestyles and individual circumstances of those who take part in our workshops.


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ADDED VALUE: If you’re a corporate client, in addition to our 5-star course presentation, we also provide you with a handy PDF course summary and “safety checklist” that you can give to your participants as an at-home reminder and safety resource.

CORPORATE GIFTS & GIVEAWAYS: By arrangement, we can provide a range of gifts and giveaways which you may wish to give to your participants as a value-add to a workshop.

Please note that certain products may vary slightly due to availability

Some of our products include:

  • Keychain self defense implement: R40 each
  • Metal police style whistle on lanyard: R48.00 each
  • Personal self defense pepper spray canisters: R140 each
  • Self-defence tactical pen: R160.00
  • Stun Gun (pocket carry): R380.00 each


To find out more, obtain a quotation, or discuss a booking, please contact:


Phone: 076 533 9715


Phone: 066 452 2473


Our clients range from community and suburban groups to some of South Africa’s most prestigious and respected blue chip corporate powerhouses. Here are just some of our satisfied customers:

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The presentation of our workshops isn’t just confined to “teaching techniques”.

We understand that all meaningful change begins with the mind, and so our training is a blend of inspirational interaction and impactful life lessons on safety and personal empowerment that will leave your attendees inspired and motivated.

The lessons and anecdotes that we incorporate into these sessions are designed to have a positive influence far beyond the immediate teaching on self-protection – these principles translate into life lessons that have a profoundly positive effect on every attendee’s self-confidence, practical ability, and habits.

Some of the results of this approach include:

  • Positive conflict resolution techniques that can be applied in the workplace
  • The ability to remain calm in a crisis situation – social, business, or crime-related
  • The ability to reduce stress and deal with fear more effectively
  • An enhanced sense of focus and purpose

We use humour, questions, and genuine interaction with our audience to achieve this, and many people who’ve experienced this approach have remarked on just how personal and meaningful a workshop like this can be.

For many people, learning an effective and intelligent approach to personal safety is something they’ve never been properly exposed to, and our goal is to make our workshops as enjoyable – and yet practical – as possible, by providing a host of skills that are quickly and easily mastered, and will be useful to every participant at their own level of capacity.

The results speaks for themselves.