Belt Ranking System

ELITE DEFENCE ACADEMY uses a belt ranking system  to define our training syllabus, similar to many other martial arts and combative systems.

The purpose of this is to give our trainees a series of measurable goals so that progression through our system is logical and sequential. However, belt ranking gradings are not compulsory, and any trainee is at liberty to either make use of the ranking system, or simply to train on a more informal basis. We’re happy either way.


The general level of a practitioner is classified according to our ranking system as follows:


There are minimum mandatory intervals between each belt level. This does not mean that someone who has trained for a certain time period automatically advances. The grading testing process is strict but fair, and to progress, you need to excel at every level. It may also take significantly longer than the minimum prescribed interval period, because each person advances at their own pace and according to individual ability.
As a rule of thumb, getting through the Beginner syllabus (The 24 most common attacks experienced by South Africans) takes the average trainee 12 months, although some individuals may fast-track by means of additional training and aptitude.

Intervals 2

Remember, the intervals indicated above are minimums, and many trainees will take longer. Statistically, only 1 out of every 100 trainees will attain Black Belt level, because a high degree of dedication and skill is required – and this takes time (words nobody wants to hear!). Becoming a Black Belt practitioner in our system also requires not only a serious level of dedication, perseverance, and ability, but also a high level of maturity and depth of conceptual understanding too.

To see a list of certified Black Belt practitioners within the Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga system, please click here.