Black Belts


Below, you’ll find a list of the accredited Black Belt Krav Maga practitioners within our system.

(Also, to find out more about our belt ranking system, please click here.)

Similarly to many other combat systems, our belt ranking method enables practitioners to be evaluated and ranked as they progress in their training journey. For many people starting out in their training, achieving Black Belt ranking seems like the ‘holy grail’ of achievement, and it becomes their passion and focus, and they devote years of diligent training toward attaining that goal. 

However, achieving a Black Belt is more than just a very special personal milestone: it is also the beginning of a deeper and far more significant journey. Becoming a Black Belt within our Krav Maga system requires you to have an outstanding command of the required techniques and combative principles, the requisite physical and mental resilience, and a mindset that has been developed in a very particular way.

An Elite Defence Academy  Black Belt practitioner should be strong without being arrogant, displaying mastery along with humility, and carrying the directive to preserve life rather than destroy wherever possible.


As a matter of public record, here is a list of all our Black Belt practitioners at the various current levels within Elite Defence Academy, as well as any practitioners certified by EDA who are classified as independent practitioners and are not directly affiliated with EDA:

 panel level 6


Des Brown (Founder and Chief Instructor)


panel level 5

Jacques Alberts (Senior Instructor, Secunda, RSA)


panel level 4

panel level 3

Mike Fat (Senior Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Walter Ho (Senior Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Martin Gunther (Senior Instructor, SWK, NAM)

Inayat Kassam (Senior Instructor, Nairobi, Kenya)


panel level 2

Rob Paynter (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Nick Martin (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Chris Martin (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Chris Troskie (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Adam Strever (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Greg Yen (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Shalto Schoeman (Instructor, Heidelberg, RSA)

Deon Smit (Independent, RSA)*

Laiki Coccosulis (Independent, RSA)*

Adrian Brown (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Bart Potgieter (Instructor, JHB, RSA)


Tyler Collins (Practitioner, NY, USA)

Sam Zlotnick (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Akheel Maharaj (Practitioner, JHB, RSA)

Mark Do Casal (Practitioner, JHB, RSA)

Renate Fester (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Matthew Shaw (Practitioner, AZ, USA)

Jan Gouws (Practitioner, SWK, NAM)

Elmo Erasmus (Practitioner, SWK, NAM)

Ricardo De Castro (Practitioner, JHB, RSA)

Terence Purves (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Pierre Patzold (Practitioner, JHB, RSA)

Hendrik Yzelle (Independent, PTA, RSA)*

Carl von Maltitz (Independent, FS, RSA)*

Alex Berndl (Instructor, Cape Town, RSA)

Ivana Ries (Instructor, JHB, RSA)

Wesley Cerva (Instructor, Heidelberg, RSA)

Rene Garny (Practitioner, SWK, NAM)

Kendall Franks (Practitioner, JHB, RSA)



* Independent practitioners:
Deon Smit, Streetwise Krav Maga
Laiki Coccosulis, Ficksburg Krav  Maga

Carl von Maltitz, Ficksburg Krav Maga
Hendrik Yzelle, Quantum Krav Maga