Indemnity & Disclaimer


Elite Defence Academy International, offering Krav Maga classes, courses, and online Krav Maga video training, and its parent and distribution company, Universal Online Publishing (Pty) Ltd, as well as their respective directors, instructors, affiliates, and any and all other parties to the creation and distribution of all related video training material, assume and accept no liability whatsoever for any harm, damage, loss, injury or death incurred by any person in the course of club training, group workshops, personal training, or online training-related Krav Maga instruction and practice.

Although every reasonable care is taken to ensure the safety of each individual through reasonable and detailed methods of technique instruction, Krav Maga is a physical self protection system which incorporates potentially damaging combat techniques, and there is a natural and inherent risk contained in the performance thereof.

As practice of these techniques may at times also take place outside of our direct supervision or control, Elite Defence Academy International and Universal Online Publishing cannot assume responsibility or culpability in any circumstance where injury, damage, or death is incurred as a direct or indirect result of participation in Krav Maga classes, courses, any other teaching format, or in the online video training program.

All participants, including registered members as well as any other individuals exposed to the training (or training material provided), undertake training at their own risk and by reading this indemnity, members and any other parties are made cognizant of the physical nature of the training and the requirement for restraint, consideration and safety in the performance thereof.

Please exercise extreme care and restraint in the training or application of any of the Krav Maga techniques taught, displayed, or learned. Be aware that Krav Maga is a self defense system that carries the capacity to cause serious injury if applied with full force.

Have due regard for your own safety, and for that of your training partner/s at all times.


Practitioners of the Elite Defence Academy International system of Krav Maga are expected to present themselves with respect and restraint toward others in the course of daily social conduct. We do not tolerate attitudes or acts of aggression, provocation, criminal behaviour, or any other actions or characteristics that infringe on the dignity or safety of others, or which may bring the Elite Defence Academy system of Krav Maga into disrepute. This includes not only physical actions, but also slander, libel, or utterances on social media or in the public domain which are not respectful of the dignity of others, the pursuit of social harmony, and the wellbeing and safety of others.  

The prime directive underlying our system of Krav Maga is the preservation of life and the enhancement of wellbeing, and we take this very seriously. We reserve the right to immediately discontinue the membership of any individual found to have deliberately breached this directive, and in the case of criminal activity, or activity considered damaging to the Elite Defence Academy brand, we reserve the right to take legal action against the individual/s concerned.


All training and informational material provided to Elite Defence Academy member/s, or made available in the public domain, including but not limited to, video, audio and other electronic resources, printed material, manuals, methods, techniques, and systems depicted in such material, remains the intellectual property of Elite Defence Academy International and Universal Online Publishing.

This material may not be reproduced, distributed, rebranded, resold, given to any unauthorized person or entity, or altered in any way without the express written consent of Universal Online Publishing (Pty) Ltd.

Legal action will be taken in the event of any breach of this copyright notice.