Intelligent Krav Maga For Women

We’re in the process of creating a number of stand-alone Krav Maga tutorial videos that you’ll be able to purchase, download, and learn from, in the convenience of your own home, while training and practicing at your own pace.

Our first complete video is Intelligent Krav Maga For Women – a detailed, user-friendly training resource that will enable you to learn practical Krav Maga techniques that will give you life-saving skills and knowledge, and powerfully increase your self-confidence.

Packed with information, this video shows you:

  • How to increase your awareness, learn to anticipate trouble, and avoid danger.
  • How to change your body language and thought patterns to become stronger and more confident than you thought was possible.
  • How to neutralize an aggressor using targeted vital point strikes.
  • How to escape from grabs, holds, and chokes.
  • How to deal with someone who is armed with a handgun or knife.
  • Rape prevention, and how to fight on the ground.


Getting your own copy of this practical, action-packed video is simple:

  • First, pop us a mail at .
  • We’ll send you an invoice with our banking details.
  • Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation mail with a web address and a download code. You simply go to the page, enter your download code, click download, and you can download the video onto your device of choice. It’s yours to keep!

Investing in your own safety, well-being, and peace of mind is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself – so don’t miss out on this life-changing video!