Instructor Onramp Module 5 Header

WELCOME to Module 5 of the EDA Instructor Onramp Course.

In the Module 5 document, you’ll have learned about the basics of technique partitioning, the critical importance of visualization and intent, and the tactical value of pre-emptive timing.

Your technique for the week is not so much a technique as a principle: the “Slap and Trap” principle, where we seize the arm of an assailant armed with a knife and then break his posture in such a way as to be able to knock the knife from his hand so that we can use it. This principle is broad but basic, and relatively easy to learn against knife attacks and holdups from all angles.

You won’t pick up every nuance just by watching the clips, but you’ll be learning this principle in detail and quite realistically when you get to the Krav Maga Level 1 Instructor Course.

We recommend that you have a notepad and pen handy, so that you can jot down pointers as you watch.

Study the video clips carefully, take note of all the small details, and practice diligently.

Enjoy your training!