“I’ve never been one to start a fight, simply because I am not the biggest of people and I am a lover of peace. However, in the current times, violent situations arise and they generally end with you and your loved ones hurt, and sometimes killed. So I took it upon myself to learn a self-defence system that is effective, that does not require strength, and does not require me breaking my bones doing leg splits and and… I researched Krav and I came across EDA’s website, read it, and signed up the same day.

3 Months later, I stand so much taller because I can protect the ones I love. Period. At Elite Defence Academy –  Des Brown in particular, has given me another view to fears that would normally cripple my thoughts and freeze my body. What stands out about it, is the maturity that comes with it. This is not for street brawlers who want to punch everything that walks, it’s for people who want to preserve lives. Obviously, it is cool. Me being a person who loves detail, I can defend against stronger and bigger guys with technique. Not force, technique. How cool is that?!!

I recommend this system to anyone who has loved ones. To the guys who want to do it for fun, hey, Des Brown’s way of Krav maga is one of the best. Evolving. Realistic. Simple. And also cool.
Try this. You will not regret it.
I challenge you also to look at it not for just a couple of months, but as a lifetime investment. Because all you really have in the end, is your life.”

  • NELISIZWE TSETSEOA, logistics manager

“I started Krav Maga with a friend as one of my biggest fears in life was I would not be able to defend my loved ones or myself if I ever needed to. When I walked into some hall and I found myself nervous to see how my first lesson would go I saw the trainer, Des Brown, walk in with a smile and an aura that lit up the room, an aura that made such an impact on me and my life that from that moment on I knew I was where I belonged, with my Krav family.

As it so happens, Krav did so much more than just that, since I started Krav and since it involves some fitness I have lost some weight and gained some muscle which has largely impacted on my self-confidence. Sometime into my training I  realized I had grown such a love for the art form that it had changed my life. I would recommend any person in the world to train Krav because it is so much more than just a self defence class, and I have never regretted walking into my first krav lesson and starting my journey that has introduced me to all different kinds of people from all walks of life all brought together by the same passion.”

  • SAM ZLOTNICK, 17, high school student

“…After the traumatic experience of an armed home invasion, I started Krav Maga. The classes have taught me more than I could have hoped to have learned, and with only one year of training, I’ve become my own weapon.

I have more confidence in my day-to-day living because I no longer live in fear. If I’m held at gunpoint, or with a knife, I have a plan of action. Too many women rely on the men in their lives to protect them when, in reality, these men are just as helpless when staring down the barrel of a gun.
I am fully confident in my ability to protect myself, and those I love, and I “pity the fool” who decides to attack this so-called “easy” target…”

  • TAYLA KAPLAN, 20, varsity student

“…I saw a Krav Maga video a few years back and loved it. What I saw looked really cool – but very complex. However after signing up and only training a few weeks, I saw it was the total opposite, every technique learnt is so easy to do, but more impressively is that it is highly effective and can be used by anyone. The training is amazing and has really given me more confidence, knowing I can defend myself effectively.

Just want to say a special thanks to Des for being an awesome instructor; Krav classes are very enjoyable!”

  • JEREMY HOFFMAN, 28, auditor

“I started training in Krav Maga simply to acquire a new personal skill.  I prepared myself for intense and hard physical training but was surprised at how easy it was and how quickly I learned the techniques.  Des Brown’s class is very relaxed and learning from him is easy and fun.  Not that I needed it, but training with him also boosted my confidence especially in conflict situations.  I know that no matter how dire the situation seems, I have a real chance to get out alive and protect my loved ones.”

  • PIETER BRINK, business manager

“I started Krav nearly two months ago, the reason why I started was because a work colleague was doing it and stuff like Krav has always intrigued me.

My first night there was the selling point for me, I arrived just before the class was due to begin, that’s where I first met Des Brown.

We warmed up and then I was introduced to the class, wow was that life altering. Des gives a very good idea of techniques and demonstrations as to how, what and why. He is really passionate, has a hands on approach, and has a  way of delivering the point or the parts thereof in  the evening class. He walks you through all the steps from novice to really expert level.  What is nice is that everyone’s questions are answered right away and there is normally a first-hand demonstration repeated as many times as need be. Krav is also a good release from a tough day at the office or on site.

You don’t need to have any previous experience or knowledge of fighting or self-defence, and I assume its applicable to people of all ages.  People are put into every day scenarios which are very real and we are taught how not to panic and what not to do and most importantly how to walk away from it safely.

Krav for me is a combination of really good people learning how to do bad things to help themselves be safe.

Des is a great instructor and likes to challenge you to think out of the box, because you never know what the real situation will be like, so you learn the guidelines and techniques, but it’s never right or wrong. Also remember bad people don’t have rules!”

  • KENDALL DIXON, Rigging Technical Operations Manager




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